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Welcome To UST

Welcome to UST where we have IT solutions to solve your business problems. Learn about our services and solutions.

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You Can Finally Relax Now

Relax now and leave all your worries behind. In UST you will find a reliable business Partner who can address all your Information Technology needs.

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Proven Track Record

For more than 19 years UST has been successfully delivering software, services and solutions to a diverse set of industry verticals.

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Your ERP/SAP Experts

Make no mistake, UST is your best choice for ERP/SAP projects. Let us transform your business by implementing a world class SAP solution.

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The Best Consulting Team

Our consulting team has excellent business and technical knowledge backed by long years of professional experience.

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Support You Can Trust

UST provides the best professional support for running your mission critical applications and running your business efficiently with the least downtime.

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Best Value For Your Money

Affordable and cost effective solutions, but never compromise on the quality. SAP delivered on time, on budget. Simply the best value for money.

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Tuesday, 12 Mar 2019

UST Automotive Practice

UST has been in SAP practice for more than fifteen years. Today SAP commands the highest market share in the ERP area and customers worldwide depend upon SAP for their mission critical applications.Bu...


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UST In Public Sector

UST specializes in providing IT services, ERP and e-governance solutions to the Public Sector including Government, Higher Education and K12 School Districts. Our past experience working with Governme...


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Partners in Business

Partners in Business

UST has partnered with SAP so...


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Our Products

Barcode/RFID Logistic Link

BARCODE / RFID Logistic ProcessTo automate the warehouse operations, improve efficiency and reduce manual operations.  Currently,  the  work  process  in  the  warehouse  is  characterized  by  speed,  reliability,  and precision  in  processing  individual ...

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Stay Ahead With SAP

Featured Solutions | Administrator | Wednesday, 21 April 2010 | Hits:5701

Stay ahead in business with SAP solutions delivered by UST. As a SAP Service Partner , UST can help you custom design and build enterprise solutions using the world famous ERP/CRM software from SAP AG. Because of... Read more

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